Constructing the foundation – mission and vision


The web-based mission and vision discussion mapped partners’ and the community’s conceptions concerning Aalto University’s mission and vision 2020 statements. The preliminary drafts of the mission and vision generated mainly a positive response, but also aroused some critical comments.

Aalto University’s mission, vision and values form the intellectual foundation onto which other strategic and operational focuses are constructed.

Outlining of the mission and vision was carried out through versatile discussion and exchange of ideas. The team led by Professor Jukka Seppälä compiled a number of drafts to be discussed on the basis of background material and brainstorming sessions. The most refined mission and vision proposals were publicized in March to allow for extensive discussion among the community and partners through the online tool developed by Fountain Park.

The proposals generated lively and diverse discussion. Over 1 300 participants, including alumni and partners, presented the views on the mission and vision proposals. Both positive responses and critical comments amounted to about 250 pages of text. This material was examined to select fresh approaches while data mining allowed common patterns to be extracted. Discussions were also held in other settings, such as during Aalto University’s morning coffee events.

The opinions of respondents concerning the significance of the key ideas in the mission and vision were not highly divergent. However, it was noted that exceptional emphasis was given to the importance of quality in the new university. A student-oriented approach was also perceived as essential. The team will prepare revised versions of the mission and vision to be presented to President Tuula Teeri.

A similar online discussion concerning the draft of the values will begin on May 11 and continue for about two weeks.


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