Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts 2013 to Petteri Nisunen and Tommi Grönlund


Petteri Nisunen and Tommi Grönlund have been granted a prestigious international art award by the World Cultural Council in recognition of their work with modern art, their interdisciplinary artistic approach and their views of synthesis.

Petteri Nisunen, Professor of Contemporary Art at Aalto University, and his collaborator Tommi Grönlund are highly accomplished artists with an international reputation.

Their interdisciplinary approach brings together art, design, architecture and science. In their large-scale spatial interventions and installations, the artists use a variety of materials and technologies from three-dimensional objects to light and sound.

G-N_portrait_23112012.jpgThe World Cultural Council awards are granted in recognition of significant achievements in science, art and education. The Leonardo da Vinci World Award of Arts celebrates the interdisciplinary approach and interaction between art and science.

‘In their works, Nisunen and Grönlund combine art, design, architecture and science. All of us at Aalto University are delighted with the way they approachthese themes. The fascinating feature in their works is that they leave the audience plenty of space for their own interpretations’, says Tuula Teeri, President of Aalto University.

In addition to his artistic work, Nisunen teaches at the Department of Art of the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Nisunen has a degree inarchitecture, and he combines an artists’ hands-on experience with a theoretical background. Besides being a visual artist, Tommi Grönlund also produces music through his record company Sähkö Recordings.

Nisunen and Grönlund operate on the interface between art and science. They frequently work together with artists, musicians and professionals of other fields, including scientists and engineers. They have also completed a number of public commissions and held exhibitions in significant international forums.


The artists will accept their World Award of Arts 2013 on 2 October 2013 in Singapore.

Further information:

Professor Petteri Nisunen, tel. +358 50 588 7262, petteri.nisunen [at] aalto [dot] fi


World Cultural Council (consejoculturalmundial.org)





Spring Field, Esther Schipper, Berlin, 2013. 
Photo: Andrea Rosetti


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