AVOIN 140 -näyttelyssä on esillä Stefan Lindforsin opiskeluaikanaan suunnittelema Scaragoo-valaisimen prototyyppi vuodelta 1988. Kuva: Lasse Lecklin

The School of Art and Design and School of Economics celebrate in January


The School of Art and Design celebrates 140 and School of Economics 100 years of operation.

The Aalto University School of Art and Design and the Aalto University School of Economics are both celebrating anniversaries this year. The School of Art and Design is turning 140 - activities date back to 11 January 1871, when teaching began at the Craft School, as it was known at that time. Now 100 years old, the School of Economics began operating as an independent university on 16 January 1911.

School of Art and Design’s anniversary exhibition outlines the development of education

The School of Art and Design is celebrating its 140 years of operation with an anniversary gala on 11 January and the OPEN 140 – The School of Art and Design since 1871 exhibition at the Design Museum.

The School of Art and Design is an important trendsetter in the areas of culture, art and creative economy. For example, nearly all of our most respected designers have stepped through the doors of the school, either as students or teachers.

The exhibition will include all of the School of Art and Design’s fields of education in art, media and design – from textile art to motion picture and environmental art. The timeline begins in the late 1800s, but the main focus is on the recent past, today and the future. A special theme of the exhibition is the development of education in the field.

“We wanted to highlight the spirit of our school and the diverse ways of doing things. Works by graduates of the school are continuously on display in exhibitions around Finland and the world, so now we want to concentrate on describing the processes that lie in the background. Visitors to the exhibition should also take part in the workshops, discussions and lectures,” says Professor Pekka Korvenmaa, who is responsible for planning and implementation of the anniversary exhibition.

School of Economics anniversary year looks to the future

The School of Economics began celebrating its 100th anniversary last October, when 1,300 graduates from different decades met for an alumni gala.

The main event of the anniversary year will be held on 20 January at the School of Economics. The traditions of past generations of economists will be passed on during the gala, thus ushering the School of Economics into the future.

Other events during the year include the Economics Afternoon at The Science Forum on 13 January, the Studia Economica public lecture on 3 March and the Ceremonial Conferment of Master’s and Doctoral Degrees on 19-21 March.

“The School of Economics slogan for the anniversary year is ‘On the Move!’. This phrase expresses confidence and a positive outlook regarding the future as well as activeness in building a better world. The School of Economics has been closely connected to Finnish society and business life from its inception, and has been a part of societal development throughout its 100-year history,” says Project Manager Mirja Komulainen.

“As a part of Aalto University, the School of Economics wants to be a leader in this changing world. The anniversary year will highlight economic competence and its importance,” Komulainen says in conclusion.

Text: Tiina Jakobsson


For further information:

Anne Tapanainen, Communications Manager,
School of Art and Design, tel. +358 50 434 9711

Mirja Komulainen, Project Manager, Centenary Anniversary,
School of Economics, tel +358 40 353 8337

Tapio Hedman, Communications Director,
Aalto University, tel. +358 40 516 2396


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